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JUNE 2013


Sun Spots & Slap Pals
June 22, 2013 8PM FREE

SUN SPOTS 2012-2013

NEW VIDEOS by Judy Rifka & Daniel Dibble
Animation:  Judy Rifka 
Sound and post production: Daniel Dibble



Animation:  Judy Rifka with Julius Kozlowski 
Musical score:  Bruce Tovsky and Robert Raposo
with guest percussionist Marc Blandori
Videotape restoration and mastering: Bruce Tovsky

Leading off a season of occasional screenings is a show we're
quite happy to present: a rare appearance by the incomparable
Judy Rifka; painter, animator, video artist, sculptor, performance
artist, the list goes on. I had the great pleasure of collaborating
with Judy in 1980 on a series of short Super8 films she created
with her friend Julius Kozlowski; edgy, glitchy multi-lingual collages
that referenced the fine paintings Judy was working on at the time.
My musical partner Bob Raposo and I did some of our best early
work on these short pieces, and seeing them again for the first
time in close to 30 years has been getting reacquainted with a
long-lost friend.

Fast forward to 2013, and I find that Judy has commandeered
Facebook as her new medium, producing innumerable beautiful
collages, sculptures and manipulated photographs, woven into
a stream-of-consciousness virtual gallery of her creative process.
Concurrent with this flow, Judy has been collaborating with British
composer / video artist Daniel Dibble on a series of trans-atlantic
video works that layer, bend and twist Judy's images into jittery grids
and kalidescopic montages.

Rifka, Tovsky and Raposo will be present, and there will be a post
screening discussion.

106 BLDG 30
Building 30, Suite 106
Brooklyn Navy Yard
Brooklyn, NY
Flushing Ave & Clinton Ave.
Nearest Subways: 
F Train to York Street
G Train to Fulton or Clinton/Washington

Refreshments will be offered.


Sat. June 15th & Sun. June 16th 2013

bicamRL AV presents:
the "dUEtsInthEdArk" microfest:
(the sOUndOfmUsIc in the shAdOwOfcInEmA)

saturday: 8 pm to midnight

michael vincent waller - sandra sprecher
keiko uenishi (o.blaat) - bernd klug
bradford reed - kyungmi lee
brian chase - chris cochrane
luke dubois - shelley burgon
kurt ralske - daniel carter
marcia bassett - barry weisblat
jeanann dara - zach layton

sunday: 8 pm to midnight

bruce tovsky - daniel neumann
ernie brooks - peter zummo
hans tammen - dafna naphtali
rick brown - kurt hoffman
andrea parkins - matthew ostrowski
bonnie kane - sam kulik
bradley eros - sadaf H
hahn rowe - daevyd von clemptone

Door 7:30 $10

curated by david linton

The Firehouse Space
246 Frost St, Brooklyn, New York 11211




hi everyone
i am excited to announce the release of the haunting collaboration i did last year with the amazing turkish virtuoso erdem helvacioglu. it is an extremely limited edition release in a beautiful round tin case.
more info here:


MAY 2012

hi everyone
we're excited to be part of OHNY's celebration of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. it has been great seeing the yard develop over the years, and we're happy to be involved in this showcase of its diversity and transformation. there is a great group of artists in the yard, and the architecture alone is worth the trip. add to that a lovely new visitors center / museum - BLDG92 - that also has a very nice cafe on its roof with an amazing view. and it's right next door to our own BLDG30. check out the info and links below, and there is more info on their Facebook page as well.
for those of you who can't make the saturday event, we will also be at the studio on sunday afternoon throwing a party to show off our new work. Trace is showing her fabulous new paintings, and i've done some large format inkjet prints that i'm really happy with. please RSVP if you'd like more info about the sunday event and instructions on how to get into the yard.

OHNY openstudios Brooklyn Navy Yard
Saturday, May 12, 2012
12-5pm, closing reception 5-7pm

Join us for the next OHNY openstudios series in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard. As the Yard gates open you will be introduced to the studios, galleries and shops of artists and artisans for one special afternoon. Enjoy a self-guided tour of the studios while taking in the historic Navy ship building facility that is now a national model urban industrial park. Afterward, drinks will be served at BLDG 92.

Follow us!

OHNY represents a community of people that have a passion for the architecture and design found throughout our great City. Follow us on facebook and twitter. Get news about up-coming programs and other events around the city. Join in on the conversation and tell us what you love about New York City and OHNY.

openhousenewyork | 115 West 27th Street | 9th Floor | New York | NY | 10001




hi all
a special rare outing in celebration of an "all one" day....

The Sound Series at Presents Gallery #15
Phonography Meeting

unprocessed field recording concert with:
Kala Pierson
Scott Sherk
Civyiu Kkliu
Bruce Tovsky
Gill Arno
John P Hastings
Ben Owen
Carver Audain

Presents Gallery
64 Washington Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11205


JULY 2011

hi everyone
i'm pleased to be sharing a bill with carver audain this wednesday - the first time we've played together as a duo. carver was part of my LOWLAND show and i'm excited to see what we come up with here.
for more info:

between metropolitan & n 3 on wythe
9:30 PM


JUNE 2011

Ende Tymes Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation :: June 24-26 2011
@ Silent Barn & Outpost :: Ridgewood NY

Silent Barn is at 915 Wyckoff Ave and
Outpost is at 1665 Norman St and

L to Halsey, M to Myrtle/Wyckoff

live noise and experimental music Fri-Sun 8pm-late @ Silent Barn

video screenings Fri-Sun 6-8pm @ Outpost. full program notes available here:

"Street-level experimental music and the evolution of technology and
culture" artist discussion 3-5pm Sat @ Outpost with Phill Niblock, GX
Jupitter-Larsen, Al Margolis, Katherine Liberovskaya, AMK, Rat
Bastard, and Damion Romero

sound installations all weekend at Silent Barn by Tom Grimley and Bob Bellerue

tickets available at the door: $10 / night, $25 / weekend.

all events at Outpost are FREE


no BYOB, there will be refreshments available.


video screenings:

Stephen Shearer "The Golden Age"
Ocusonic "A Diamond Forms Under Pressure"
Kamran Sadeghi "Cohesion"
enrique maitland “#8 SWEET:BOX”
Clint Enns "Lucifer Bearer of Light"
Brian Edgerton "A Flash"
Eric Ostrowski "OBEY"
EyeBodega (Rob Chabebe & Joe Perez) "Discrete Forests"
Sara Sun "Blue"
Bradley Eros + Tim Geraghty "TRANSTRANS (TRANSFORMERS Transformed)"
Chris Rice “Death Cry (Siren Song)”
Zach Layton "untitled"

7:00pm C Spencer Yeh live set

7:20pm David Linton live set

Silent Barn
8:00 PM doors open
9:00 PM Pharmakon
9:20 PM Rust Worship
9:40 PM Twisty Cat
10:00 PM        Postcommodity (OK/NM)
10:20 PM        Fatale (IL)
10:40 PM        Jeff Carey (MD)
11:00 PM        Vertonen (IL)
11:20 PM        Crank Sturgeon (ME)
11:40 PM        MV Carbon
12:10 AM        BWT (IL)
12:30 AM        Bran(…)Pos (CA)
12:50 AM        The Rat Bastard Experience (FL)
1:20 AM ISA Christ
1:40 AM Hex Breaker Quartet


3-5PM discussion with Phill Niblock, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Al Margolis,
Katherine Liberovskaya, AMK, Rat Bastard, and Damion Romero

video screenings:

Alexei Dmitriev "Abstract?"
Renata Padovan "Tulips for Iguazu"
Maile Colbert "Over The Eyes"
Paul Prudence + Francisco López "Hydro-Organic Machine Study"
Ryan Marino "All That Remains"
Carole Kim + Carl Stone "Under Glass"
Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa + Tristan Shepherd "And They Watched The
World All Around"
Mike & Dawn Haleta "Cycle412" & "Poly Floater Study"
Shanna Maurizi + Julia Shirar "Landscape: Los Angeles"
Jeff Gburek "The Perfect Sentence is the Perfect Silence"

7:15pm Bruce Tovsky METHE live set

7:35pm Katherine Liberovskaya + Al Margolis live set

Silent Barn
8:00 PM doors open
9:00 PM John Mannion
9:20 PM Page27 (CO)
10:00 PM        Dog Lady (MI)
10:20 PM        Phill Niblock
11:20 PM        Sick Llama (MI)
11:40 PM        Novasak (CO)
12:00 AM        AMK (CA)
12:30 AM        Andrew Coltrane (MI)
12:50 AM        GX Jupitter-Larsen (CA)
1:20 AM Kyle Clyde
1:40 AM Yellow Tears


video screenings:

Russell Chartier "Confined"
Jean D.L. "A long night…"
James Elaine + William Basinski "Blueprints on a Winter Pond"
Jeff Carey "Mod, Impulse"
Lucas Abela "DJ Smallcock's Vinyl Arcade"
Z'EV "KALIgraphix 3 ...........for Brion Gysin"
Joshua Bastien + Dreamcatcher (Blake Hargreaves & Katherine Kline)
"Blown Topologies"
Cristopher Cichocki "Cycle in Cycle" & "Storm Drain"
Fabio Scaccioli + Volcano the Bear "Vita notturna di una pozzanghera /
Nightlife in a puddle"

7:00pm Daniel Iglesia live set

7:20pm Fyxzis (Steven Flato, Richard Kamerman, Corey Larkin) live set

Silent Barn
8:00 PM doors open
9:00 PM EID
9:10 PM Cowards
9:30 PM Liam Mooney (CA)
9:50 PM Gen Ken Montgomery
10:10 PM        Work/Death (RI)
10:30 PM        Monsturo (CA)
10:50 PM        Mike Shiflet (OH)
11:10 PM        Damion Romero (CA)
11:40 PM        IDM Theftable (ME)
12:00 AM        Jason Soliday (IL)
12:20 AM        Opponents
12:40 AM        Lolly Gesserit (RI)

more info:

Ende Tymes Festival 2011 is supported by funds from the Experimental
TV Center, NYSCA, and many Kickstarter supporters


MAY 2011


A solo live video / sound meditation on the word intoxication and all of its implications.

"Let us be merry and drink wine and sing of Dionysos . . .  thanks to him Methe (goddess of Intoxication) was brought forth, the Kharis (the three graces: goddesses of grace, beauty, adornment, mirth, festivity, dance and song) were born, Lupa (the spirit of Pain) takes rest and Ania (the spirit of Grief) goes to sleep."
The Anacreontea, Fragment 38 (C5th B.C.) 

Bruce Tovsky /  lap steel, theremin, prepared mandolin, mbira, induction mics, laptop

I ran across this citation during a totally unrelated research project, and it resonated with me in a way that made me abandon my original train of pursuit. After a harrowing few years I still feel invigorated by life. Intoxicated you might say....

on the same bill:


A new live video/audio performance with a group of performers TBA.

David Linton has created sound for many collaborative dance, theater, and performance settings in New York since the early 1980s. With a background in percussion, he is now known equally well for his solo electro-acoustic drumkit performances. His current project, UnityGain, works with instantaneous collaborative audio-visual communication, and is now the basis for a Manhattan cable and webcast project UGTV (UnityGain Television), where he is producer, director, and an occasional performer.

8 PM  $10 / $8 members

ISSUE Project Room
The (OA) Can Factory
232 3rd St.
3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215



MARCH 2011


an evening of explorations in the low frequency spectrum
curated by bruce tovsky

featuring performances by

carver audain
mv carbon
luke dubois
zach layton
daniel neumann
ben owen
kamran sadeghi
bruce tovsky

sunday march 13 2011 10pm
santos party house
96 lafayette

the doorman will greet you with "santos is Closed" and you respond "i
have a lowpass"
that's how you get in.

please do not post this to any public forums or lists...
but feel free to tell your friends.



The Thirty-seventh Anniversary of EI performances at 224 Centre Street,
The Forty-second Anniversary of the Founding of Experimental Intermedia,
the Forty-second Anniversary of the 224 Centre Street loft, and, not least,

The Twenty-first Annual Festival with no fancy name, Part One (or A)

Phill Niblock, curator

December 2010

John Hudak (New York) Wednesday 8

will present a collection of electroacoustic miniatures inspired by European folk
melodies, Asian street songs, and the inflections inherent in the speaking voices
of various peoples of the world; from the murmurings of medieval monks to the
songs of birds, a splendid time is guaranteed for all: video visual accompaniment
and audio collaboration will be supplied by Bruce Tovsky - http://www/



HARVESTWORKS, 596 Broadway, #602, New York, NY 10012
Subway: F/D/B/M Broadway/Lafayette, R Prince, 6 Bleeker

Dear friends,
Come to our TELLUS MARATHON starting this Thursday. For three days & nights,
3pm to midnight, we will be playing the entire Tellus catalog as part of Exit Art's
"Alternative Histories" exhibition. Check this and other event and class announcements
out below!

[Nov 11-13] Tellus The Audio Cassette Magazine Marathon
Fri - Sun, Nov 11 - 13, 3pm to 12 midnight

Harvestworks is pleased to present the complete audio recordings from the TELLUS,
Audio Cassette Magazine series published by Harvestworks/TELLUS from 1983 – 1997.
Additional material on Harvestworks/TELLUS can be viewed at the Alternative Histories
Exhibition at Exit Art. and

The presentation will take place in the Harvestworks audio gallery starting with TELLUS #1
through TELLUS #27 played in one hour segments starting at 3 pm until midnite on the
following days:
Thursday November 11 – Issues #1 - #9
Friday November 12 - Issues #10 - #18
and Saturday November 13 – Issues #19 - #27.

Bruce Tovsky / various audio contributions, including “Re:Gender (Excerpt)” Issue #1 1983,
“Moleman” Issue #3 1984, “Field” Issue # 12 1986 (co-curator with Gretchen Langheld)



Diapason presents:

Friday, October 1, 7pm: Non-Cochlear Sound opening, see below
Saturday, October 2: 1pm in Sunset Park: Solo Parades, by Charlie Morrow, part of the
"Little Charlie" festivalSaturday, October 2, 2-8pm: Day 1 of Non-Cochlear Sound exhibition
Saturday, October 2, 4pm: Rozalinda Borcilla "Listening for Beginners" workshop, part of
Non-Cochlear Sound, see below

As part of the "Little Charlie Festival- Celebrating the life work of composer Charlie Morrow",
Diapason is presenting "Solo Parades", a public art event that invites musicians to journey from
their homes to Sunset Park in Brooklyn playing a musical instrument along the way. 

The event will take place on Saturday, October 2, beginning in the morning and ending around
1-2pm with a tutti performance in the park.
Look for the musicians wearing a red carnation!


Sunset Park is located on 5th Avenue between 41st and 44th Streets in Brooklyn.
Subway: D, N to 36th Street; R to 45th Street


Participants include Emil Bognar-Nardor, Daniel Goode, Nicole Peyrafitte and Bruce Tovsky, among others.

It's still not too late to sign up as a musician:

Information about the Little Charlie Festival is available at:




Artists, Naturalists, and Concerned Citizens Advocate Pure Water as
Part of the “Flow Slow” Floating River Conference

Brooklyn, NY (For Release 8.26.10) --- In association with SkyDog Projects,
ISSUE Project Room, Mildred's Lane, Callicoon Fine Arts, Electronic Music Foundation,
Ant Hill Farm, and The Queens Museum, “Flow Slow” today announces the 1st annual river
conference of concerned citizens, artists, writers, technologists & naturalists in celebration
of pure water the weekend of Friday, September 17th—Sunday, September 19th, 2010.

Taking part on the Upper Delaware River , which was recently declared the nation’s most
endangered river, “Flow Slow” explores the near and long term threats posed by the disastrous
“Hydro-Fracking” process carried out by the natural gas industry. The conference will literally
take place on the river, floating in canoes, kayaks and other homemade rafts. Other events will
take place off the river and will be open to the public. The event will combine music, art and
conversations to creatively produce a variety of works to raise awareness surrounding this
critical issue. Artists were advised to engage a piece of technology, a piece of media, an art
work, documentation of the trip, writing, music, or any creative response.

*All events are FREE. Programming subject to change. For more info, visit

Friday 9.17

7:00pm The Queens Museum of ART presents a screening of Gasland @ The Queens Museum
(Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens, NY 11368)

Saturday 9.18

10:00am Callicoon Fine Art breakfast river gathering and flotilla launch including music by
Bruce Tovsky, Suzanne Thorpe, water based artworks by Natalie Jerimijenko, Uke Jackson,
Liza Phillips, Frances Cape, Kevin Vertrees and more TBA
@ Callicoon Fine Art (27 Lower Main St., Callicoon, NY 12723)

2:00pm Damascus Citizens for Sustainability lunchbreak presentation with guest speaker
Pat Carullo and friends
@ Residence of Joe Levine, Founder of NYH20 and Damascus Citizens
(631 River Road, Milanville, PA)

8:00pm Evening landing in Narrowsburg followed by a Street Feast potluck dinner on Main Street
sponsored by Mildred's Lane, the Merchants on Main Street and Anthill Farms. After dinner
presentations and cocktails with site specific installations by Heather Dewey Hagbourg and
performances curated by ISSUE Project Room including cellist MV Carbon. @ Mildred’s Lane
(517 Plank Road, Beach Lake, PA 18405)

Sunday 9.19

10:00am Breakfast gathering @ Mildred's Lane (517 Plank Road, Beach Lake, PA 18405)
4:00pm “Flow Slow” closing party with live music by Bradford Reed, Zach Layton and others
@ Sky Dog Farms (1724 County Route 23, Narrowsburg, NY 12764)



September 24 - November 24, 2010

Exit Art


Curators: Jeanette Ingberman, Papo Colo, Lauren Rosati, Herb Tam

Spaces: For a complete list of included spaces and projects, click HERE.

(the TELLUS AUDIO CASSETTE MAGAZINE was part of this show.)

Exhibition: Alternative Histories was a history of New York City alternative art spaces
and projects since the 1960s. Through audio interviews with founders and key staff,
a reading room of magazines and publications, documentation, ephemera and narrative
descriptions, the exhibition told the story of pioneering spaces and documented a new
generation of alternative projects.

October 15, 2010, What Is Alternative? panel discussion moderated by Robert Storr
and with Papo Colo, Artistic Director / Co-Founder, Exit Art; Martha Wilson, Founder / Director,
Franklin Furnace; Peter Cramer and Jack Waters, Former Directors of ABC No Rio, Founders /
Director of Le Petit Versailles; Bridget Finn, Cleopatra's;

October 22, 2010, Alternative Curatorial Strategies panel discussion organized by ArtTable,
moderated by Erin Donnelly of LMCC with Ingrid Chu and Savannah Gorton, Forever & Today,
Inc.; Allison Weisberg, Recess Activities; Michael Connor, Marian Spore; Regine Basha,
Basha Projects/Grackleworld; Virginija Januškeviciute, CEC Artslink Fellow from Lithuania
hosted by Independent Curators International; Radhika Subramaniam, Director/Chief Curator,
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center;

October 29, 2010,
Activism and the Rise of Alternative Art Spaces, moderated by Mary Anne Staniszewski and with
Robert Lee, Director, Asian American Arts Centre; Beka Economopoulos, Co-Founder / Director,
Not An Alternative; Alanna Heiss, Founder, P.S.1, Director, AIR and Clocktower Gallery; Avram
Finkelstein, Gran Fury; Melissa Rachleff Burtt, Clinical Associate Professor of Arts Administration,
November 9, 2010, screening of "Soup & Tart," 1974;

November 10, 2010, New Media Alternatives panel discussion moderated by Ed Halter, Light Industry,
and with Rebecca Cleman, Distribution Director, Electronic Arts Intermix; Lauren Cornell, Executive
Director, Rhizome, and Adjunct Curator, the New Museum of Contemporary Art; Carol Parkinson,
Director, Harvestworks;

November 16-17, 2010, Counter Culture, Counter Cinema film series organized by the NACG /
Film-makers' Cooperative

MAY 2010

May 2 2010

hi all
i'd like to let you know about a great show i'm doing on sunday at Share, featuring the amazing
emil de waal from copenhagen and the equally incredible richard garet (on visuals this outing)
for a short set of sound and vision. emil is a fantastic percussionist, composer, experimentalist
and bandleader of great renown. richard will be creating the incredible visuals that he is known
to conjure up from the ether, and i will be doing my best to keep up with them. i've worked many
times with both of these gentlemen, but this is the first time we have performed together, and i
guarantee it will be worth your while.

doors open at 8pm, we go on around 9:30.
for more info check out the Share website here:

Share is held at Issue Project Room
232 3rd St. (at 3rd Ave), 3rd Flr
Brooklyn, NY, NYC

APRIL 2010

April 2, 2010

hi all
i'd like to let you know about a great show i'm doing on sunday at Share, featuring the amazing emil de waal from copenhagen and the equally incredible richard garet (on visuals this outing) for a short set of sound and vision. emil is a fantastic percussionist, composer, experimentalist and bandleader of great renown. richard will be creating the incredible visuals that he is known to conjure up from the ether, and i will be doing my best to keep up with them. i've worked many times with both of these gentlemen, but this is the first time we have performed together, and i guarantee it will be worth your while.
doors open at 8pm, we go on around 9:30.
for more info check out the Share website here:

Share is held at Issue Project Room
232 3rd St. (at 3rd Ave), 3rd Flr
Brooklyn, NY, NYC



December 17, 2009

Fotofono, Brooklyn, NY
Curated by Gill Arno (Italy)
Bruce Tovsky / electronics
Shimpei Takeda (Japan) / camera + light


October 14, 2009

The Schoolhouse Loft, Brooklyn, NY
Curated by Ben Owen
Various presenters, including Bruce Tovsky / field recordings


JUNE 2009

June 9, 2009

Søren Kjaergaard + friends
ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn, NY
Søren Kjaergaard (Denmark) / Piano, Andrew Cyrille (USA) / Percussion, Bruce Tovsky / Lap Steel, Kato Hideki (Japan) / Double Bass, Zach Layton (USA) / Guitar

June 7, 2009

Various locations, Brooklyn, NY
Bruce Tovsky / Guided Soundwalk


MAY 2009

On Friday May 15, 2009 at 7:30 pm,
Muna Tseng Dance Projects will present two works in the
La MaMa Moves Dance Festival: “Water Mysteries”, a duet of two Asian women in a water ritual using their long black hair as calligraphy brushes, back by popular demand. Muna Tseng will perform “For Her”, a solo meditation on separation.  Original music by Bruce Tovsky.  On the same program, “Group Dynamics”, will be works by Patrick Corbin/ CorbinDances, Anneke Hansen, Jeremy McQueen, and Bill Young & Co.  This performance will take place at La MaMa Annex, 74A East 4th St., New York City.  Tickets are $15 or $10 for student, seniors, and children under 10.
Box Office: (212) 475-7710

May 3, 2009

Emil de Waal + friends
ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn, NY
Emil de Waal (Denmark) / Percussion, Andy Green (USA) / Electric Guitar, Bruce Tovsky / Acoustic Hawaiian Lap Guitar, Kato Hideki (Japan) / Double Bass + devices, Erik Sanko (USA) / Electric Guitar
Recorded by Bruce Tovsky and released on Emil de Waal’s CD “Ombud”



December 13, 2008

VBrooklyn / “Elegy” Solo Video Theremin

i am pleased to again be part of adam kendall's brilliant vBrooklyn festival. i will be
performing a new video theremin piece entitled "elegy", dedicated to my dear friend
and neighbor vera furey, who passed away early this year. there is plenty of fine work
going on throughout the show, i hope you can make it.


vBrooklyn -- A video festival about Brooklyn as a place and video as an art

vBrooklyn documents the evolving state of Brooklyn, NY, through contemporary
video-art. The festival showcases video-artists as they build an historical
record of the borough through innovative and personal interpretation and

Friday, December 12, 8pm
Saturday Afternoon, December 13, 2pm-5pm
Saturday Evening, December 13, 8pm

$5 admission each event

Wunsch Hall
Polytechnic University
6 Metrotech Plaza

A,C,F to Jay St. / 2,3,4,5 to Borough Hall / M,R to Lawrence St. / Q,B to
Dekalb Ave.

Complete schedule, additional information, and more detailed directions at

The festival features IDMI's 9-channel video system. Over 25 New York City
artists will present live and composed multichannel video-performances and
screenings focusing on the immense complexity and detail that make Brooklyn
a unique city within a city.  vBrooklyn subjects include Brooklyn's
waterfront from Floyd Bennett Field to Greenpoint; landmark bridges and
architecture; neighborhoods in transition; and the people and experiences
that define Brooklyn as a place.

vBrooklyn will present special screenings of, performances by and discussion
with IDMI artists and Harvestworks artist Sean Haggerty.

Performances and Screenings by: Gary Acers, Caroline Bouchat, Angeline
Su-Ching Chang, Chika, Brian Colby, James Daher, Bilge Demirta, Elle
Burchill, Richard Garet, Piama Habibullah, Sean Hagerty, Rikayo Horimizu,
Adam Kendall, Jared Lamenzo, David Last, Inhye Lee, Richard Lewis, Laura
Lou, Phyllis Burkin Lehrer, Lenin Paulino, Siddartha Mehta, Karl Mendonca,
Naval Cassidy, Ganesh Ramanathan, Kimberly Simpson, Catalin Stefanovici,
Jennifer Stock, Caspar Stracke, Bruce Tovsky, VisualHornHonkinG & DJ
ActivePhaze, VJ Miixxy, vydavy sindikat, David Watson, Sarah Nelson Wright,
WvS, Tamara Yadao, Lan Xu, Marina Zamalin

vBrooklyn is supported by: Forward Motion Theater, Polytechnic University's
Integrated Digital Media Institute (IDMI), Harvestworks, the Brooklyn Arts
Council, and the Experimental Television Center.  The Experimental
Television Center's Presentation Funds program is supported by the New York
State Council on the Arts and mediaThe Foundation.



UnityGain: Ten Years On...
Fall '08 @ MonkeyTown - Nov 5,6, & 7

It has been 10 years since the very first one off trial Unitygain events took place at the Cooler on W 14th St...
NYC is a very different place then it was 10 years ago...
as is most of the rest of the planet...
We don't mean to brag but evidently some good ideas do stick around for awhile...

Live audio visual performance is still in it's infancy as an art form...
We are happy to participate in its evolution...

and hopefully by Nov 5th we will all have some good news to celebrate together...

Wednesday Nov 5: AV Duets

Luke Dubois & Lesley Flanigan*
Shimpei Takeda & Bruce Tovsky *
Thomas Dexter & Maria Chavez *
Ursula Scherrer & Kato Hideki*

8 pm door - 8:30 pm show - - - $7

Thursday Nov 6: AV Duets

Caspar Stracke & Hahn Rowe*
Chika & Bubblyfish*
Lady Firefly & Charles Cohen*
Ray Sweeten & Zach Layton*

8 pm door 8:30 pm show - - - $7

Friday Nov 7: AV Solos - 2 sets

Bicameral Research S&P System*
() - Jeremy Slater*
Matthew Ostrowski*
o.blaat - Keiko Uenishi*
Richard Garet*
SeeJ - Chris Jordan*
Naval Cassidy*

7:30 pm seating - 8:00 pm show
10:30 pm seating - 11:00 show
$7 each or $10 for both

reservations recommended:


unitygain is an ongoing project of the hausofouch-nyc curated by david linton...

This project is made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a State agency, and with support from the Experimental Television Center and mediaThe foundation.



October 30, 2008

i was quite lucky over the past year or so to have the opportunity to work with my
old friends Liquid Liquid again. i first started working with them 30 years ago, and
this year the CD/vinyl reissue i produced was released on Domino Records in the UK.
i am very proud of how it turned out.

here is a little review from The Guardian of the amazing show they
did at The Barbican in London. i flew over for the show and it was a blast!

Cult New York band play for Domino anniversary.
03 October 2008 - Nearly a quarter of a century after they split up, cult New York
band Liquid Liquid played a rare gig at London's Barbican Hall last night to celebrate
15 years of Domino Records.

The label, home to the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand, recently
reissued Liquid Liquid's entire body of work, which includes underground hits
Optimo and Cavern.

The latter was famously borrowed by Grandmaster Flash for the basis of his hit
with Melle Mel, White Lines, in 1983.

Frontman Sal Principato's often indecipherable lyrics were buffeted by
characteristically complex and rapid bass riffs from Richard McGuire as
the band tore through their relatively brief back catalogue.

The quartet looked no less sprightly than during their days in the American
post-punk scene, with all four members playing percussion on some tracks
and Dennis Young playing a huge range of instruments with great energy.

There was also not a single computer or digital instrument in sight, the band
relying entirely on acoustic percussion, vocals and a bass guitar.
In recent times only Sal and Dennis have continued to pursue music full-time,
with Sal working with several of New York's high profile venues and dance
music producers, and Dennis collaborating with artists including British
electronic duo Padded Cell.

Most recently Liquid Liquid have been cited by the likes of James Murphy
from LCD Soundsystem as a major influence, and it was easy to see the
influence that their four year period has had on punk-funk and more recent
electronic music.

A thrilled crowd, which included fellow Domino artist Kieran Hebden
(better known as Four Tet), was also persuaded to abandon the seating
plan and stand for most of the latter half of their set, which finished to a
standing ovation.

Domino's anniversary celebrations continue tomorrow night at the same
venue, when Tricky, Wild Beasts and dubstep producer Skream play.

Rodrigo Davies



Sunday, August 17, 2008

from ben owen

hello friends,

with an oscillator sinewave we send off friends across the seas.

Andy Graydon, Henriette Huldisch, and their son Graham are leaving NYC and
moving to Berlin at the end of August.

wishing a farewell, safe travels and happy landings with eye & ear delights.

Performances by:
Andy Graydon + Kenneth Kirschner
Sawako + Bradley Eros
Zach Layton + Richard Garet + Bruce Tovsky
Tom Mulligan + Ben Owen + Sandra Gibson + Luis Recoder

The (OA) Can Factory 
232 3rd Street, 3rd Floor 
Brooklyn, NY 11215


MAY 2008


Wednesday May 14th, 2008
Emil De Waal +

emil de waal w/ erik sanko, andy green, bruce tovsky and kato hideki

Play- and joyful freeform acoustic/electronic music by dane Emil de Waal
and the great artists of the evening.
Accompanying artists will make improvised music interplaying with Emil and
his prerecorded material, a.o. adding improvisations and backing to the
preliminary (live) recordings from his laptop.

Emil de Waal on drums, percussion, electronics and laptop is one of the
most heavily engaged drummers in Danish music, and has toured
internationally and appeared on 150 releases since his debut in 1986. Emil
de Waal is also known as a band-leader, programmer, composer and arranger.
Since 2004,  Emil de Waal+ has released two albums with his "Emil de
Waal+" project that have been appraised by reviewers a.o. in British "The
Wire".  Emil de Waal+ has toured in China, US, Belgium, Germany, Sweden,
Norway and Denmark with diverse guests such as Wayne Horvitz, Danny
Frankel, Erik Sanko, Bruce Tovsky, Andy Green and Yan Jun.

(an edited version of this performance appears on Emill de Waal's new CD
OMBUD on Artiscope Music. binaural recording produced by Bruce Tovsky)

Multi-instrumentalist Erik Sanko "Erik Sanko is the leading light in the
much admired Skeleton Key and was an original member of John Lurie's
Lounge Lizards. He also helps out such luminaries as Yoko Ono and John
Cale from time to time. "
Guitarist and technician Andy Green is known for his work with John Cale &
The Velvet Underground, among others.

Bruce Tovsky is a visual/sound artist, who began painting at the age of 7
and started playing with tape recorders at the age of 10. Ever since then
he has been figuring out ways of putting sound and pictures together. For
the past several years he has been creating live video and sound
improvisations, often in collaboration with artists such as John Hudak,
David Linton, Kim Cascone and Michael Schumacher in a variety of spaces
around New York City, such as Diapason, Experimental Intermedia, Issue
Project Room, Tonic, and his own installation space 106BLDG30 at the
Brooklyn Navy Yard. His audio/video duo with video artist Shimpei Takeda
has been appearing in planetariums, rural arts festivals and galleries
around New York.

Kato Hideki (Kato:family name; Hideki: given) is a Japanese-born
composer/bassist/multi-instrumentalist, who lives in NYC. He is the
co-founder of Death Ambient with Ikue Mori & Fred Frith. His other groups
as a leader are: Green Zone with Otomo Yoshihide & Uemura Masahiro; OMNI
wtih Nakamura Toshimaru & Akiyama Tetsuji. His compositions include: solo
bass piece Turbulent Zone, Mystic Ship of Life, (commissioned by the
Kitchen, NYC) and Tremolo of Joy for his quartet with Charles Burnham,
Briggan Krauss & Calvin Weston. Besides his own projects, Kato
collaborates with Nicolas Collins and James Fei. He is also a member of
analog synthesizer collective, Analogos. (

ISSUE Project Room
at the (OA) Can Factory
232 Third Street - Brooklyn, NY  11215


APRIL 2008

April 20, 2008
curated by Bruce Tovsky

sunday april 20 is 106BLDG30's first event of 2008.  it's a day-long celebration of
Shortwave, with an installation by Kim Cascone from 12 - 7 and live performances
by Richard Garet, Anthony Ptak, Sawako, Zach Layton, Seth Cluett, Bruce Tovsky,
Michael V. Farley, Christine Bard, Radio Ruido and Gill Arno. The live show begins
at 8pm. There will be two sets with a possible ending free-for-all and after show q & a.
Admission is $5.

go here to see the announcement poster:

Building 30 is located at 63 Flushing Avenue, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It is the
second building on the right just inside the Cumberland St. entrance. The Brooklyn
Navy Yard is a gated facility; you will need to tell the guard that you're going to
nycreative, Suite 106, Building 30. On weekends, the only entrance open to visitors
is the Clinton Ave entrance at Clinton and Flushing, a few blocks east of Cumberland.
Building 30 is a short walk from the gate. The guards will direct you. If you're driving,
there is ample parking at the building.


MARCH 2008

March 29, 2008
Zach Layton, Rob Ryan. Bruce Tovsky
curated by Elliott Sharp.

Zach says:
I'm excited about this new trio, featuring:

my old friend, Rob Ryan playing tabla
my other old friend, Bruce Tovsky playing hawaiian lap steel guitar,
ebow and electronics
and my other old friend, me, on electric guitar and using a laptop to
process the sound of the tablas.

Should be a really fun gig.
at the corner of avenue C and 2nd street
8pm, $10



Shady Corners Maverick Performing Arts Festival
October 19, 2007
Milford, NY
Live audio/video improvisation: Bruce Tovsky / sound, Shimpei Takeda / visuals


Noxonic Microfest - A day of battery powered electronic music
September 23, 2007
Sheep Meadow, Central Park, NYC
Live audio performance

Issue Project Room, NY
September 7, 2007
Live video/sound performance: Bruce Tovsky / guitar + laptop, Shimpei Takeda / visuals

JULY 2007

july 07 2007

phonography meeting I
free103point9 Acra, NY
3 - 9 pm

Tune (Out)))side 2007

(under large tree in the forest)
Gill Arno
Richard Garet
Scott Allison
Andy Graydon
ben owen
Michael Farley
Andy Hayleck
Koen Holtkamp
Bruce Tovsky

set 1 - 70'00 to 80'00 - start 3:15 pm
unprocessed / raw field recordings

ben owen
richard garet
bruce tovsky
andy graydon
micheal farley
scott allison
andy hayleck

set 2 - 70'00 to 80'00 - start 5:15 pm
compositions using field recordings

gill arno
richard garet
bruce tovsky
andy graydon
koen holtkamp
micheal farley
scott allison

set 3 - 60'00 to 70'00 - start 7:30 pm
duo performance's

ben owen + andy hayleck
gill arno + koen holtkamp
richard garet + scott allison
bruce tovsky + micheal farley
andy graydon + ilya monosov


MAY / JUNE 2007

From Zach Layton:


I'm very honored to be performing this coming friday, june 22nd, at
Roulette's festival of mixology. This is going to be a very exciting
performance for me, something really special, with a commission from
the Jerome Foundation and featuring many wonderful colleagues and
performers who I love working with.

The night will include a duet for brainwaves and electric guitar,
which I suppose is really a solo because they will be my brainwaves
and me playing guitar...but it will be a sort of duet in a
metaphysical sense, I suppose.

Also, the famous and beautiful oscillographics by ray sweeten in a
duet with recent kinetic visual abstractions by myself with analog
synthesizers and general awesomeness.

An exciting appearance by my new trio, Fair Use, with the
unbelieveable Luke Dubois and Matthew Ostrowski, time compressing
feature films by Kubrick and Dario Argento (or possibly Herzog) into
15 minute audio visual overloads

and then a new piece for chamber ensemble and electronics featuring
bruce tovsky, ray sweeten, percussion by the great christine bard,
vocals by daisy press, nick hallett, erin flannery, lisa komara, and
featuring ha yang kim, jessica pavone, claire chase, joshua rubin, and
a beautiful text by vito acconci.

Spring events are at 20 Greene Street (between Canal and Grand Streets).
Performances begin at 8:30pm, unless otherwise noted.
Reservations/Tickets: 212.219.8242
Admission: $15 / Harvestworks and DTW members, Students & Seniors: $10
Roulette members / Location One members: free.


Roulette's presentation space is located at 20 Greene Street in SoHo.
This season, Roulette will present over 100 concerts, sound
installations, longer runs of music theater and other large
productions such as the "Avant Jazz – Still Moving" festival and
annual "Festival of Mixology" here. This large, flexible and
acoustically ideal downtown performance/gallery space also is
available for short-term rentals. For more information, call

For 28 years, Roulette has presented new jazz, world music,
experimental rock, improvisation, multi-media, new technologies,
traditional and hybrid ensembles from New York City and around the
world. Each series features well-known innovators in contemporary
music along with young and emerging composers.


Saturday, June 16 Issue Project Room
bruce tovsky + richard garet + stephan moore
tim hecker

BRUCE TOVSKY: laptop, induction mics, theremin, kalimba, ukelele, contact mics


TIM HECKER: solo drone, noise and contorted harmonics

RADIUS: Sound artists Bruce Tovsky and Richard Garet do a rare duo sound performance on the hemispheric speaker installation in tribute to Issue's final days on the Gowanus canal.

Bruce Tovsky is a visual/sound artist, who began painting at the age of 7 and started playing with tape recorders at the age of 10. Ever since then he has been figuring out ways of putting sound and pictures together. For the past several years, he has been creating live video and sound improvisations with artists such as John Hudak, David Linton and Kim Cascone at spaces such as Diapason, Experimental Intermedia, Issue Project Room and his own installation space 106BLDG30 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Richard Garet is a sound artist, a video artist, and a painter. He's interested in the phenomena found and produced in aural and visual time-based media, in nature's processes, and the observation of the relationships between nature and human beings. Though Garet's work suits the standard gallery environment, many of his other activities as an artist explore the various practices of experimental sound and video performance. All of these modes are additional examinations of the ways in which Garet's work exposes the visitors to visual and physical acoustic sensory perception.

Tim Hecker is a Canadian-based musician and sound artist, born in Vancouver. Since 1996, he has produced a range of audio works for Mille Plateaux, Kranky, Alien8, Force Inc, Staalplaat and Fat Cat. His works have been described as "structured ambient", "tectonic color plates" and "cathedral electronic music". More to the point, he has focused on exploring the intersection of noise, dissonance and melody, fostering an approach to songcraft that is both physical and emotive. The New York Times has described his work as "foreboding, abstract pieces in which static and sub-bass rumbles open up around slow moving notes and chords, like fissures in the earth waiting to swallow them whole". His Radio Amor was recognized as a key recording of 2003 by Wire magazine. Last year's "Harmony in Ultraviolet" on Kranky, was in the top 20 of Pitchfork's best of 2006. His work has also included commissions for contemporary dance, sound-art installations and various writings. He is also an acclaimed producer of techno, having toured and produced under the name Jetone. Tim has presented his work in a live setting around the world, including performances at Sonar (Barcelona), Mutek (Montreal), Impakt Festival (Utrecht), Victoriaville in (Quebec), IDEAL (Nantes), Vancouver New Music Festival (Vancouver) and Transmediale (Berlin). He currently resides in Montreal.

8:00 p.m.; $10


Brooklyn-bound F / G trains to Carroll St.
2.5 blocks from stop (between Bond & Nevins)

15 minutes from 2nd Ave. F stop
10 minutes from Metropolitan Ave. G stop

Brooklyn-bound R train to Union St.
Walk 3 blocks west; left onto Nevins; right onto Carroll


I am pleased to announce my first EU tour, beginning on may 25 in Copenhagen and ending in Paris on June 3. I will be touring my recent video/sound piece UNDERPASS, which had a great month-long run at Diapason in New York City last October. Like the Diapason show, I am inviting local improvisors to join me in performing the sound, and I have enlisted a fine group of collaborators. detailed information on each show can be found below.

I am thrilled to be performing at Paul Opstrup's lovely space Literaturhaus, located in a beautiful old church. Joining me are three fantastic danish improvisors: Emil de Waal (percussion + laptop + devices) Søren Kjaergaard (keyboards) and Gustaf Ljunggren (guitar) - all of whom I performed with last year as part of Emil's big band at Issue Project Room here in Brooklyn.

Møllegade 7 at Nørrebro.
Time: 21:00
Entrance: not determined as yet

Bus: 5A (Elmegade/Solitudevej) and 350S (Elmegade/Stengade).
S-train: to Nørreport and then bus 5A.
Metro: to Nørreport and then bus 5A.
Night bus: 81N (Peter Fabers Gade/Solitudevej).

I am also quite excited about performing at Steim, the world-renowned center for experimental music and home of the Cracklebox, one of my favorite instruments, and many other sonic innovations. I will be performing as part of Steim's "Local Stop" series, and will be joined by Steim director Robert van Heumen (laptop + LiSa + Super Collider 3) Ivo Bol (laptop) and Hilary Jeffery (trombone).

STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20:30
Entrance: 5 euro
Other performances:
# Gilberto Bernardes playing pieces by Ken Ueno and Hillary Zipper
# PRAED: Paed conca : electric bass, clarinet and electronics & Raed yassin : double bass, radio, tapes, electronics - accompanied by a video by PRAED

The end of a too-short tour, the Paris performance will be much like the shows I present at my own space 106BLDG30 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard - an intimate concert in a private loft space. "64" is run by composer/improvisor Jean Jacques Palix. Joining me will be Palix (electronics) and Olivier Pasquet (laptop). Olivier and I performed together last year, at my Navy Yard space. Thanks to David Linton, for introducing me to Palix (and saving the Paris show, which had gone off the tracks.) We may have a surprise guest sitting in, so stay tuned.

64 rue Saint Sabin
Time: 20:00 (tentative, check my website closer to the show for updates.)


Diapason, gallery for sound and intermedia presents...

Friday, May 18

OptoSonic Tea @ Diapason

Live sets by:
- Kurt Hentschlager (visuals and sound)
- Shimpei Takeda (visuals) & Bruce Tovsky (sound)

Invited artist:
- Carl Skelton

Suggested donation:
$ 7

OptoSonic Tea is a new regular series of meetings dedicated to the
convergence of live visuals with live sound which focuses on the visual
component. These presentation-and-discussion meetings aim to explore
different forms of live visuals (live video, live film, live slide
projection and their variations and combinations) and the different ways
they can come into interaction with live audio. Each evening features two
different live visual artists or groups of artists who each perform a set
with the live sound artists of their choice. The presentations are followed
by an informal discussion about the artists' practices over a cup of green
tea. A third artist, from previous generations of visualists or related
fields, is invited specifically to participate in this discussion so as to
create a dialogue between current and past practices and provide different
perspectives on the present and the future.

Organized by Katherine Liberovskaya and Ursula Scherrer


About the artists:

New York-based Austrian artist Kurt Hentschlager creates audiovisual
compositions in which audio and video actuate one another. The immersive
nature of his work reflects on the metaphor of the sublime.
Trained as fine artist, in 1983 he began as a sculptor, building surreal
machine objects, followed by works with video, computer animation and sound.
Between 1992 and 2003 he worked collaboratively as a part of the duo
Granular-Synthesis. Employing large scale projected images and drone like
sound environments, his multi channel performances and installations
triggered the viewer on both physical and emotional levels, overwhelming the
audience with sensory information.
His more recent solo work is more poetic and further researches the nature
of human perception and the accelerated impact of new technologies on
individual consciousness.
Hentschlager is a recipient of numerous prizes and large-scale commissions.
He has represented Austria at the 2001 Venice Biennial and has shown his
work internationally for two decades. Selected presentations include the
Milllenium Museum, Beijing, Staedelijk Museum Amsterdam, In the Anchorage -
Creative Time, Inc., New York, MAC - Musee d`Art Contemporain Montreal, MAK
- Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, National Museum for Contemporary Art Seoul,
Ars Electronica Festival Linz, ICC Inter-Communication-Center Tokyo,
Fondation Beyeler Basel, Palacio de Bella Artes, Mexico City.
His recent solo performance "FEED" premiered at the 2005 Venice Theatre
Biennial and is currently touring and the procedural installation "KARMA /
cell" was commissioned in 2006 by Le Fresnois, Studio National des Arts
Contemporains, France.

Shimpei Takeda (b.1982), is an artist working with photography, video, and
improvisational performance. Originally from Japan, Takeda currently lives
and works in New York City. Primarily self-taught, Takeda began shooting
pictures at the age of 18. Later on, he expanded his unique vision and
sensitivity to the other mediums . He experiments with the aesthetic,
optical and poetic possibilities between abstraction and concreteness.
His work has been presented at the Essl Collection of Contemporary Art,
Austin Museum of Art, Weisman Art Museum, Schenectady Museum & Suits-bueche
Planetarium, and throughout New York City venues including: Issue Project
Room, the Tank, and Experimental Intermedia.

Bruce Tovsky is a visual/sound artist based in in Brooklyn, New York.
After earning his MFA degree in Multimedia from Rutgers University in 1979,
Tovsky began showing his video work across the USA, as well as Europe and
Japan. His early 80's video/sound work INVADED was included in the Whitney
Museum exhibition "Video/Music: New Correlations" and toured exten
extensively in the USA as part of a Beard's Fund exhibition of new video
art. INVADED was also shown at the 1984 World's Fair and is in the
collections of The Kitchen and the New York Public Library Donnell Film
Center. During the 90's Tovsky focused on collaborations with
choreographers, scoring works for Muna Tseng, Charles Dennis and
Bessie-winning choreographer Cydney Wilkes, among others. His dance scores
have been presented at Lincoln Center, Joyce Theater, DTW, PS122 and The
Kitchen. For the past several years he has been creating live video and
sound improvisations, often in collaboration with artists such as John
Hudak, David Linton, Kim Cascone and Michael Schumacher in a variety of
spaces around New York City, including Diapason, Experimental Intermedia,
Issue Project Room, Tonic, and his own installation space 106BLDG30 at the
Brooklyn Navy Yard. In the summer of 2003 he performed the video/sound
collaboration FOR THE TIME BEING with John Hudak at Roulette's "Festival of
Mixology" at The Performing Garage. The audio portion of this performance
was released in Octo October 2004 on the Swiss label CUT, and was reviewed
in the February 2005 issue of The Wire. His video/sound piece ETHER
premiered at 106BLDG30 in June 2005, and played in international festivals
from Sao Paulo to Seoul to Paris. The audio from ETHER was featured in
"Tracking The Lincolnshire Poacher," a BBC4 radio documentary on shortwave
numbers stations. Tovsky was artist-in-residence at Diapason gallery during
October 2006, where he presented his latest work UNDERPASS, a 50 minute
silent video piece accompanied by some of New York City's most accomplished
improvisors, including Kato Hideki, o.blaat, Bryan Eubanks, Richard Garet
and Matthew Ostrowski. UNDERPASS will be touring the EU during spring 2007.

Carl Skelton has been working professionally as an artist and designer, with
a particular focus on the cultural aspects of Communications technologies
new and old, since well before receiving his MVA in Canada in 1986. Skelton
was an active member of Toronto's cultural community until 1998, when he
moved to New York City. In his spare time, he is the founding director of
the Integrated Digital Media Institute in the department of Humanities and
Social Sciences at Polytechnic University, Brooklyn. The IDMI offers
Bachelor and Master of Science programs, a more or less annual conference
series (Hyperpolis), and conducts interdisciplinary research and
media-making projects. In particular, the IDMI supports new approaches to
media-making through close collaboration between artists, critical
theorists, and engineers.


1026 6th Avenue, 2S
New York NY 10018
(212) 719-4393

Avenue of the Americas between 38th and 39th Streets,
two blocks south of Bryant Park.
Subways: 1, 2, 3, 9, B, D, F, Q, N, R, W to Times Square/42nd Street


MARCH 2007

Friday, March 16th 2007

SYNAESTHESIA & 7+ Theremins

The NY THEREMIN SOCIETY and IPR proudly present an evening of Theremin,
introducing new member performances:

John Hoge
Kip Rosser
Bruce Tovsky (Video Theremin)

plus special guests appearances:
Dorit Chrysler & Bradley Eros, Rob Schwimmer



and for you midwesterners....

i am part of a phonography-related show at a gallery in chicago next month:

Sonic Surveys of Place
March 2 - March 28, 2007

Opening Reception March 2 from 7-11pm

Around the Coyote Gallery
1935 1/2 W. North Ave, Chicago IL

CHICAGO - Around the Coyote is pleased to present GeoPhonoBox an exhibit curated
by Chicago ba sed visual and sonic artist Zoe Asta and Associate Professor in the
Department of Film, Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
Rob Danielson. This exhibition will feature sound recordings about "place"
created by sound artists, nature recordists, ethnographers, composers,
pedestrians, geographers and other practitioners from around the world. Each
submission in the show is to represent one geographic place within the realm of
a cardboard shipping box.

This is the first sound art exhibition at the Around the Coyote Gallery, and one
of the few contemporary sound art exhibitions held in Chicago. The importance of
the use of noise or sound in modern and contemporary art can be traced back at
least to the 1913 publication of The Art of Noise by Luigi Russolo; however, as
opposed to the early sound artists who were rightly preoccupied with the
politica l, social and art historical implications of noise as an artistic
medium, contemporary sound artists can take an understanding of noise as medium
for granted. The debate over musicalized or non-musicalized noise is no longer
automatically relevant. GeoPhonoBox: Sonic Surveys of Place shows how sound,
once we get beyond the conceptual debate over the medium, can be used like any
visual medium to describe and evoke.

Each artist was sent a cardboard shipping box in which they could include visual
cues, if they desired, along with their sound project. Each box is displayed in
the gallery as it was returned to us from the artists, the box serving as a
document of the distance the sound piece traveled as well as the container for
the visual and auditory elements of the piece.

Exhibited Artists include: Tamara Albaitis (San Francisco), Jorge Bachmann and
Jessica Resmond (San Francisco), Lori Beckstead (Ontario, Canada), Bryce
Beverlin II (North Oaks, Minnesota), Scott Bowering (Vancouver, Canada), Emily
Conrad (Brooklyn, New York), Sebastian Craig (London), MR Daniel (Princeton, New
Jersey), Rob Danielson (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), John Davis (San Francisco),
Martin Desloovere (Mariakerke, Belgium), Heribert Friedl (Vienna, Austria),
Peter Goin (Reno, Nevada), Mike Hallenbeck (Minneapolis, Minnesota), Noah Jurcin
(Evanston, Illinois), Jason Kahn (Zurich, Switzerland), Meri von KleinSmid
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), Robert Major (Harlan, Kentucky), Danielle
Martin (Chicago, Illinois), Robert Millis (Seattle, Washington), David Moré
(Chicago, Illinois), Lance Olsen (Victoria, Canada), Heather Perkins (Portland,
Oregon), David Rose (Ontario, Canada), Matthew Sansom (London), Justyna
Scheuring (London), Scott Sherk (Orefield, Pennsy lvania), Toby Sinkinson
(Boulder, Colorado), Annette Sowell (Hollywood, California), Bruce Tovsky
(Brooklyn, New York).

For questions or images contact:
Allison Stites, Executive Director
t: 773-342-6777



Space Re-Mixed 3.1 February 24 2007

tovsky + takeda at the Suits-Bueche Planetarium, Schenectady Museum.
15 Nott Terrace Heights, Schenectady, NY 12308 518-382-7893

bruce tovsky (sound) and shimpei takeda (video) join forces at a lovely, intimate planetarium in upstate NY. we are both looking forward to performing in this unusual venue, our first time working as a duo.

Space Re-Mixed events are immersive presentations of real-time audio and visual performances in the Suits-Bueche Planetarium. At Space Re-Mixed 3.1, experience the work of electronic media sound and visual artists Linda Aubry Bullock & Mike Bullock, along with Bruce Tovsky playing improvised music to Shimpei Takeda's video work, all in the Suits-Bueche Planetarium.




12/3 vBrooklyn Video Festival
vBrooklyn -- A video-festival about Brooklyn as a place and Video as an art form.

i will be performing the solo section of "underpass" at the festival.

Sunday, December 3, 7pm
Galapagos Art Space
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

As Brooklyn's development hits critical-mass, the vBrooklyn video-festival documents the borough's evolving cityscape through contemporary video-art. 20 of NYC's most innovative and entertaining artists will present live video-performances and screenings, helping to build a dynamic historical record of Brooklyn through personal interpretation and literal documentation.

More info at, and look for detailed email reminders closer to the date


11/19 106BLDG30 8pm $5
meetings IV
innovative performer, instrument builder and situationist albert ortega is back in town from LA for a visit, and he will be joined by ben owen, bonnie jones, bryan eubanks, gill arno, sawako and bruce tovsky for a series of duos, a solo and maybe a group improv. albert was part of the great meetings I event last year and i'm thrilled to have him back. i'm pleased that the video chairs will be occupied by a couple of my favorite improvisors: adam kendall and luke dubois.

Brooklyn Navy Yard
enter at the Flushing Ave. & Clinton Ave. gate. tell the guards you are going to Building 30, suite 106, and they will direct you. call 917.674.6647 if there are problems getting in.

11/11 The Stone 10pm $10
i'm sitting in with zach layton, alex waterman, ray sweeten and christine bard for a series of trios and duos.
THE STONE is located at the corner of avenue C and 2nd street



October 7 / 14 / 21 / 28
UNDERPASS at Diapason

October @ Diapason Gallery for Sound
Bruce Tovsky / UNDERPASS
10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28
Performances begin at 8pm
Installation runs 6pm - midnight

I am pleased to report that I will be presenting my video/sound work UNDERPASS at Diapason Gallery during the month of October. UNDERPASS will be performed live on four successive Saturdays, October 7, 14, 21, 28 at 8pm. It will also be running as an installation from 6pm to midnight each of these nights. In addtion, there will be a headphone listening station with selected sections from the binaural recordings I made while developing the piece. UNDERPASS consists of three sections - a single channel section, a diptych and a triptych. In the performance, each of the three sections will be accompanied by a sound improvisation - a solo audio performance for the single channel section, a duo for the diptych and a trio for the triptych. Each evening's performances will be recorded, and the audio from the previous week will be playing in the installation on the following week.

October 7
bruce tovsky
zach layton
michael schumacher

October 14
bruce tovsky
andy graydon
john hudak
kato hideki

October 21
bruce tovsky
richard garet
bryan eubanks
ben owen

October 28
bruce tovsky
gill arno
matt ostrowski

Diapason is located at 1026 Avenue of the Americas between 38th and 39th Streets, two blocks south of Bryant Park.
Subways: 1, 2, 3, 9, B, D, F, Q, N, R, W to Times Square/42nd Street



Saturday, September 30
erik sanko + guests

Erik Sanko (vocals/guitar)
Andy Green (guitar/vocals/omnichord)
Bruce Tovsky (loops/processing/cracklebox)

Erik Sanko is the leading light in the much admired Skeleton Key and
was a member of John Lurie's Lounge Lizards for over 15 years. He also
helps out such luminaries as Yoko Ono, Jim Carroll and John Cale from
time to time. Rumour has it that he has also been seen playing with the
newly reformed Contortions. Sounding like the journals of an alchemist
set to the music of your grandmother's broken pump organ, Sanko
fashions oddly compelling songs from mangled melody and ragged scraps
of rhyme.

8:00 p.m., $10

At 9pm the party begins, if you (sadly) miss the show, there is no
charge to enter the party after 9pm, but we do ask that you bring a
bottle of wine (or water) if you can to contribute. We will feed you
pig on a spit (courtesy of dear chef Sefton Stallard of Blue Ribbon
Bakery) and bread from the same.
Apparently there is a cake team at work on some shocking creations.
The party favors will not dissappoint and there will definitely be
some incarnation of a pony visitation from 9-10pm.
Also the kissing booth for our dog Horsey is $1.00
I am sure there will be many surprises.
DON"T forget that this is a silo, next to a sunken house, behind an
old iron gate, right on the gowanus canal, next to a wooden
drawbridge. many reports of fairies abound.
dress appropriately.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to (if you have not already
discovered this insanely special venue):

Issue Project Room

We ask for your utmost respect for this venue and surrounding areas,
as it is only the greatness of it's pioneer Suzanne Fiol that we have
access to it for this special night.

400 Carroll Street - Brooklyn, NY 11213
Brooklyn-bound F / G trains to Carroll St.
2.5 blocks from stop (between Bond & Nevins)

15 minutes from 2nd Ave. F stop
10 minutes from Metropolitian Ave. G stop

Brooklyn-bound N / R trains to Union St.
Walk 3 blocks west; left onto Nevins; right onto Carroll

or carpool a taxi or bike or boat!
anyone who arrives in a boat gets to have all of the party favors.


Inquires/Mailing List



september 13, 2006: NY Phonographers meeting I
Issue Project Room, 8 pm

tom mulligan
albert casais
seth cluett
richard garet
andy graydon
bruce tovsky
mike rosenthal
gill arno
stephan moore
ben owen
scott smallwood
michael farley
michelle naga

opening sound installation from ben owen

a note from bruce: for those of you who might not know, the Phonographers are a loose-knit group of sound artists and composers who make field recordings - recordings of nature, cityscapes, domestic clatter and other subjects - to use either unprocessed or manipulated in their own works.
this particular gathering, organized by ben owen, features some of the best practitioners in this expanding field. highly recommended.

400 Carroll Street
between Bond and Nevins
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Telephone: 718-330-0313


Darmstadt Classics of the Avant Garde & the hausofouch nyc present:

Unitygain 911 '06 at the Spiegeltent on pier 17 at the south street seaport on Monday September 11th - 10pm - 1am

A seemless 3 hour electromedia excursion featuring~

Live audio tag teams: (in no particular order)
Zach Layton & Bruce Tovsky
O.blaat & Sawako
David Last & Nicolas Sauser
Bubblyfish & Glomag
Charles Cohen & David Linton
Honeychild & DJ Olive the Audio Janitor

With real time multi screen video mix by: (in no particular order)
Luke Dubois
Adam Kendall
Peter Shapiro

$10 in advance or at the door

The Spiegeltent is located on Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport

This event is made possible in part by The Experimental Television Center's Presentation Fund which is supported by the New York State council on the Arts - a public agency - and by mediaThe foundation...

Thanks to all and to DCTV and Astrobelle Media for continued support.


September 8 @ 8pm $10
Diapason Gallery
Diapason is located at 1026 Avenue of the Americas between 38th and 39th Streets, two blocks south of Bryant Park.

"Jacqueline" featuring Olivier Pasquet and François Sarhan makes its debut performance at NYC's Diapason Gallery. Olivier says: "The performance is something between pure electronic music, IDM and spoken words." Olivier made his solo NYC debut last spring at 106BLDG30, Bruce Tovsky's performance space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Olivier and François will do a duo set and then play a set of group improvisations with Tovsky, Gill Arno (mpld), Zach Layton, Ben Owen and Michael Schumacher, composer and director of Diapason. Adam Kendall and Chika will be creating live video throughout the evening.

Olivier Pasquet is a composer and a computer-music designer.
He worked as a full-time electroacoustic music designer in the creation department at Ircam from 1999 to 2004 helping composers in the algorithmic creation, realisation and interpretation of their pieces. He is now composing his own electronic music. He is also a freelance computer-music designer for various mixed music, digital artists and other creators in domains like dynamic architecture and design. He is interested in generative music and live interpretation using various inspired generalized theories.
Comedie Francaise, Georges Aperghis, Mathew Adkins, Xavier Alvarez, Fredrik Hedelin, Brice Pauset, Francois Sarhan, Rand Steiger, Walter Feldman, Thierry Fournier, Lucia Ronchetti, Mauro Lanza, Lucas Francesconi, Rolf Wallin, Lorella Abenavoli, David Felder, Franck Bedrossian, Jean-Francois Peyret, Alexandros Markeas, William Forsythe, Jean Baptiste Barriere.

Since the premiere of his first work "Esquisse pour la Fleur Inverse n°1" in 1995 at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées (commemorating the 70th birthday of Pierre Boulez), François Sarhan has composed music in many genres : orchestra, chamber music (Bobok cycle for 2, 3, 4 et 5 string instruments), opera (Kyrielle du Sentiment des Choses, premiered at festival d'Art lyrique d'Aix-en-Provence in 2003), electronic and mixed music. His work is performed as portraits and monographic concerts (ensemble Ictus, Alternance) and he is regularly invited in residence (Octobre en Normandie, Metz, Witten, Manchester). Not only a composer, he founded a production oranisation for music theater and concerts, called crWth. He publishes his music himself ( and attends many manifestations, with dance and theater. He developed his ideas about music in his book "Introduction à l'histoire de la musique", commissioned by Flammarion (2004), as well as in his upcoming book "Observation sur la musique accidentelle Modern in Frankfurt.



Sunday, August 20th

meetings III
w/ matt davignon, david linton, ben owen, richard garet, sawako & bruce tovsky + video artists shimpei takeda and chika.

Bay-area improviser Matt Davignon pays a rare visit to New York City, and this setting pairs him with a diverse group of local improvisers. Know for his prowess with drum machines and processing, coaxing curtains of sound from his boxes, Davignon also co-curates one of the Bay Area's most adventurous music series in one of its most inviting spaces - The Luggage Store Gallery. Joined by Richard Garet, David Linton, Ben Owen, Sawako and Bruce Tovsky, the group will be augmented by video artists Shimpei Takeda and Chika, who will provide two screens of improvisational video. Sound designer Stephan Moore will sculpt the resulting soundscape with his innovative 16-channel hemispheric speaker installation.

Matt Davignon is an experimental musician living in Oakland, California. Since 1993, he has developed his own unique style of music, which focuses largely on textures, arrhythmic patterns and musical imperfections. Since 2004, he has been working almost exclusively with a drum machine. Instead of using it as a rhythm device, he plays the pads manually while processing the sounds through an array of effects devices and samplers, improvising music made of organic-sounding textures, hums, gurgles and crackles.
Matt is also active in organizing experimental & unusual music performances in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to being responsible for such events as The San Francisco Found Objects Festival, Sound/Shift Oakland and helping to launch the Field Effects series, he’s one of the curators for the Luggage Store Gallery New Music Series, the longest continuously running series for experimental and improvised music in San Francisco.

8:00 p.m., $10

400 Carroll Street
between Bond and Nevins
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Telephone: 718-330-0313

JULY 2006


A One Day Festival of Electronic Music and Digital Art
Saturday, July 22nd 4pm - 6am at 3rd Ward
195 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY

On July 22, Bushwick Art Project (BAP) presents BAPLab, a festival celebrating digital art, music and culture with 16 hours of new media art installations, video work and electronic music from across the audio and visual spectrum. Culling artists from the rosters of the MoMA, The Whitney Museum, and the Venice Biennial along with musicians from labels such as M-NUS, Line, Kranky, Ghostly International and Clink Recordings, BAPLab is featuring over 80 musicians, performers, visual artists, new media installations and DJs side by side. BAPLab is a call to arms to the disparate tribes of New York’s digital-futurists, drawing together from among the best and the brightest of a new generation of artists and musicians.

BAPLab also hosts over 40 sound, video and new media artists. Among the talent presented this year is video artist Guy Ben-Ner, who recently represented Israel at the 51st Venice Biennale. Curated spaces by electromagnetic arts collective, free103point9, present an exploration of Transmission Arts, featuring air-wave invading installation works by artists 31 Down, Paul Davies, and Tarikh Korula. The full roster boasts artists who have exhibited in venues from Reina Sofia in Madrid to the ICA in Philadelphia, the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati and the MoMA here in NYC, as well as a spotlight on students and recent graduates of New York University's Interactive Telecommunications program. Artists from New York's experimental electronic and avant garde community include: David Linton and Charles Cohen, David First, Ray Sweeten, Nick Hallett, Bruce Tovsky, Benton C Bainbridge, LoVid, Luke Dubois, Matty Ostrowski and many more.

The BAPLab is July 22nd 2006 at 3rd Ward in Bushwick, from 4pm til 6am. Located at 195 Morgan Ave. Brooklyn, NY. 11237 (on the corner of Stagg St. and Morgan Ave)
Subway: L train to Morgan Ave.


JUNE 2006


sunday june 25 7:30 & 10 $5 Reservations recommended.

zach layton | alex waterman | bruce tovsky

Internationally acclaimed cellist Alex Waterman plays masterpieces by
Cornelius Cardew, John Cage and Morton Feldman...joined by Bruce Tovsky (laptop) and Zach Layton (laptop) in improvised duets and a trio.

Monkeytown is an interesting mix of innovative cuisine and multimedia performance, in a beautiful setting in the heart of Williamsburg.

58 N 3rd St
(btw. Kent & Wythe)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211

reservation line: 718.384.1369


saturday june 17 8pm

at the fotòfono
440 Broadway. (#2L). Brooklyn NY

special guests from Tokyo Japan:
Takefumi Naoshima : solo
Chihiro Wada : solo

Sawako : solo
Sawako, Takefumi Naoshima, Bruce Tovsky, Ben Owen, and MPLD : closing collaboration

440 Broadway is btwn Hewes / Penn st, 440 Broadway is directly across from Hewes street on the north side of Broadway.

Hewes stop on the JMZ subway line. Walk up Broadway to 440 Broadway.
Broadway stop on the G subway line. Walk down Broadway to 440 Broadway.


thursday, June 8

emil de waal plus +

featuring Swedish multi-musician Gustaf Ljunggren, Soren Kjergaard on key instruments and Emil de Waal on drums, percussion and laptop.

w/ Erik Sanko, Andy Green & Bruce Tovsky

Freeform music by Emil de Waal will be presented from his work at the
Rhythmic Music Conservatory on Holmen in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Accompanying artists will work with Emil's recorded material, adding
solos and backing on the preliminary live recordings.

Emil de Waal is one of the most heavily engaged drummers in Danish
rhythmic music, and has toured internationally and appeared on 150
releases since 1986. De Waal is also known as a band-leader,
programmer, composer and arranger for artists such as the Blue Note
recording jazz vocalist Caecilie Norby and Grammy Award laureate
vocalist Randi Laubek, and has performed with Robert Palmer, Kele Le
Roc, Jocelyn Brown, Jon Cleary and others.

Multi-instrumentalist Erik Sanko has worked with Skeleton Key, Lounge
Lizards, Yoko Ono, John Cale and many others.

Guitarist and technician Andy Green is known for his work with John
Cale & The Velvet Underground, among others

8:00 p.m., $10

thursday june 1 8pm

Stephen Flinn/Michael Evans/Bruce Tovsky
Percussionists/mutiinstrumentalists Flinn and Evans collaborate with laptop artist Bruce Tovsky in an improvisational performance. Tovsky says: "I met Stephen in LA when we performed on the same bill at Il Corral and he was amazing. Michael is a Brooklyn-based improvisor whose work is legendary, and this combination is sure to produce some fireworks."
Issue Project Room
400 Carroll Street
between Bond and Nevins
Brooklyn, NY 11231

MAY 2006


may 5, 2006 8pm

106BLDG 30, Building 30, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn, NY
Flushing Ave. & Clinton Ave. Nearest subway: F train, York St. Station
$5 Donation
phone: 917-674-6647

Olivier Pasquet makes a rare NYC appearance at 106BLDG30, performing live with a select group of local sound makers. Hailing from Paris, Olivier is one of the tech genius' at IRCAM, the famous French center for audio research. In town for the IRCAM @ Columbia 2006 festival at the Miller Theater, Olivier brings his unique brand of digital explorations to Brooklyn, collaborating with a diverse group of improvisers including Bryan Eubanks, Gill Arno, Zach Layton and Bruce Tovsky. Live video by the brilliant Shimpei Takeda and the newcomer Melissa Clarke. With echoes of musique concrète, bent electronics, glitch, drone and noise, this show promises to explore some interesting aural (and visual) territory.
The intimate scale of 106BLDG30, with it's quad sound system and large screen video projection, complements the finely crafted and expertly sculpted sonic structures that Olivier does so well.


APRIL 2006


Skeleton is proud to announce a wave of new releases:

Il Corral | CDr | $15 | Limited Edition
Bruce Tovsky / Laptop - Induction Mics - Cracklebox
David Kendall / Laptop - PreAmps
Recorded live at 1/7/06 at Il Corral in Los Angeles, CA
Recording produced by Bob Bellerue
The final show of the west coast tour, and the first meeting between Kendall and Tovsky. A fine show at one of LA's best experimental music venues, run by noise maestro Bellerue. If you caught the first of the Meetings series at the Brooklyn Navy Yard you know that Kendall and Bellerue make some great sounds.

21 Grand | CDr | $15 | Limited Edition
Bruce Tovsky / Laptop - Induction Mics - Cracklebox
Kim Cascone / Laptop
Recorded live 12/30/05 at 21 Grand in Oakland, CA.
A brilliant collaboration between two veteran performers. A beautiful and evocative performance.

Luggage Store | CDr | $15 | Limited Edition
Bruce Tovsky / Laptop - Induction Mics - Cracklebox
Dominic Cramp / Laptop - Devices
Recorded live 12/29/05 at The Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco, CA.
The first live collaboration between Tovsky and Cramp, who have worked together extensively in the past, producing four excellent studio releases on Skeleton in 2003.

Hemlock | CDr | $15 | Limited Edition
Bruce Tovsky / Laptop - Cracklebox
Matt Davignon / Drum Machine
Recorded live 12/28/05 at The Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco, CA.
The first show of Tovsky's successful west coast tour and the first collaboration with one of SF's most adventurous improvisors and the co-curator of the brilliant experimental music series at The Luggage Store Gallery. Presented by Other Minds, one of the most prestigous experimental music foundations in the country.

4/15 8pm
Bruce Tovsky/John Hudak/Shimpei Takeda
Another collaboration between sound artists Tovsky and Hudak and
video artist Takeda. Shimpei's visuals are stunning, and it's always a
treat to work together. Add to the mix Stephan Moore's spatializations
on his brilliant 16 channel speaker array and I'd say we've got a great
Issue Project Room
400 Carroll Street
between Bond and Nevins
Brooklyn, NY 11231

4/2 - Compass - a dance/video work by Charles Dennis with live sound by Bruce Tovsky and David Linton - at Joyce Soho.

MARCH 2006


3/25 - Erik Sanko w/Alec Ferrell (guitar), Bruce Tovsky (laptop + cracklebox) & Garo Yellin (cello)
8pm at Tonic.


3/20 'David Linton's New York 5.0' will take place on Monday, March 20th. Limited amount of advance tickets just became available from Tonic's box office (107 Norfolk St. between Delancey & Rivington,
212-358-7503), and Other Music (15 E. 4th St., 212-477-8150)

Upstairs earlier hour stage 'Partners in Time' (8-11 pm) feat. The
Alien Comic, Hahn Rowe / Raz Mesinai (duo), Koosil-Ja w/ Geoff Matters, Charles Atlas, Shelley Hirsch / David Weinstein (duo), Kate Valk (of the Wooster Group), Matthew Ostrowski, Eric Bogosian, Lee Ranaldo, Christian Marclay / Ikue Mori / Anthony Coleman (solos/duos/trio), and Diamanda Galas. with a legendary MC from 80's club 8BC, John Gernand.

Later on upstairs 'UnityGain - Infinite Regress' (11-2 pm) feat. audio
artists: Antfactor/Charles Cohen(duo), Bubblyfish, Glomag, Doily, Zach
Layton, David Last, Lloop, Brian Moran, Gen Ken Montgomery, qpe, Bruce Tovsky, Warbulator (Jodi Shapiro), and visual artists: Andy Graydon, Angie Eng, Benton C, Bill Etra, Caspar Stracke, c.h.i.a.k.i., Giles Hendrix, CHiKA, JOHN GILES, KATHERINE LIBEROVSKAYA, LU(X)Z, PETER SHAPIRO, FEEDBUCK GALORE, ADAM KENDALL

As for downstairs at Subtonic, 'Nought for Naught' feat. live acts and
djs: Aerostatic, Jason BK (Blackkat), Lance Blisters (AV), Daryl Hell.
LoVid (AV), $mall Change, Socks and Sandals, DJ Spinoza, Danny
Hamilton, Firehorse, (Toshio Kajiwara-pending for his trip schedule to

$30 - for the entire evening: "Partners in Time", "UnityGain: Infinite
Regress" & "Nought for Naught"
$10 - Subtonic "Nought for Naught" + "UnityGain: Infinite Regress"

3/16 - Meetings 1 - A rare Brooklyn appearance of some of LA's
finest sonic adventurers: laptop artist David Kendall, Il Corral honcho and din maker Bob Bellerue and instrument builder Albert Ortega, a cohort of both Bob and David who now hails from SF. We'll be having solo and duo sets from the CA folks along with expats and friends, including Jonathan Zorn (laptop), Rachel Thompson (violin) and Adrew Lafkas (double bass). A few local video and sound artists, including Bruce Tovsky will join in for an improv at the end.

8pm at 106BLDG30 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. $5
(scroll to the bottom of the window for directions to 106BLDG30)




2/23 - ETHER shows at the Spark Festival in Minneapolis.
3pm at the Weisman Museum of Art.

2/22 - Sonogrammer.2 at The Tank, 8pm.

Three duets between a sound artist and video artist.
Shimpei Takeda/Video & Andy Graydon/Sound
Richard Garet/Video & Bruce Tovsky/Sound
Adam Kendall/Video & Brendan Murray/Sound



Brooklyn Navy Yard Directions

At the guard house, tell them you're going to Building 30,
nycreative suite 106. They will direct you.

For detailed info on gate times and directions, go to:
There are ample directions for travel by public transit and car,
as well as a downloadable map.
If you get into trouble call 917.674.6647